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What products are guaranteed in your store?


A guarantee is provided for goods purchased in our online store, confirming the obligation for the absence of manufacturing defects in the goods. The warranty is granted for a period of two weeks to thirty-six months depending on the manufacturer's service policy. When you receive the goods, make sure that the goods are complete and free of defects upon receipt.
Where to apply for warranty service?


Warranty service is performed by manufacturer-authorized service centers.


The right to free warranty service is granted by the warranty card, which contains:

  •  model
  • serial number
  • warranty period
  • Date of sale of goods

Please keep the guarantee card during the entire service life.


Repair time is determined by an authorized service center. If you have problems with a service partner, you can contact our online shop.


Can I exchange or return an item?
You can exchange or return an item within 14 days of purchase. You are guaranteed this right by the Consumer Protection Act.

To take advantage of this opportunity, please ensure the following:

the product is unused and shows no signs of wear: scratches, chips, abrasions, etc.
the goods are completely filled and the integrity of the packaging is not violated
stores all labels, tags and factory markings

If the product is not functional, the product will only be exchanged or returned if the manufacturer's authorized service center has determined that the operating conditions have not been violated.


In case of mismatch in the size of the purchased goods (e.g. overalls), you can return the goods within 14 days in accordance with the return policy for goods purchased in our online store. Please note that goods that have lost their appearance or the integrity of the packaging, as well as signs of use and operation are excluded from return.


Good quality goods are exchanged and returned at the buyer's expense within 14 days from the date of sale, subject to preservation of the presentation, packaging and the availability of documents confirming the fact of purchase.


The service center cannot repair the product during the warranty period?

If the product you purchased from us fails during the warranty period due to the fault of the manufacturer and cannot be repaired at an authorized service center, we will exchange the product for a similar one or give you a refund.

To do this, please provide us with:

  • Goods in a complete set
  • Warranty card for the purchased goods
  • Documents confirming the payment
  • the conclusion of the service center with the indication that the product has a "major defect".

When is the guarantee not granted?

The service center may refuse warranty repairs if:

  • the security of the warranty seals on the product is broken
  • there is mechanical or other damage caused by intentional or negligent action by the buyer or third parties
  • Violation of the rules of use specified in the operating documentation (instructions).
  • unauthorized opening, repair or modification of internal communications and components has been made, the design or scheme of the purchased goods has been changed
  • the warranty card is full of errors

The guarantee does not cover the following defects:• natural wear and tear or depletion of the resources of the goods

  • Accidental damage caused by customer or damage caused by negligence or use (exposure to liquid, dust, foreign objects entering the case, falling, etc.)
  • Damage resulting from unforeseen natural disasters (natural phenomena)
  • Damage caused by an accidental increase or decrease in voltage on the mains or incorrect connection to the mains
  • Damage caused by defects in the system in which this product was used or caused by connecting and connecting the product to other products
  • Damage caused by using the goods for other purposes or in violation of operating regulations

The color or shade of the product (packaging) in the photo may differ from reality.
Properties and complete product groups can be changed by the manufacturer without prior notice to the shop.
The car paint shop is not responsible for changes made by the manufacturer to properties and equipment.

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