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Today, most cars have vinyl or aluminum signboards with the code for the paint on their bodies. In some BMW models, the code and name of the paint, or only the name of the paint.


If the car is in "native paint", this plate will help to accurately identify the code and the name of the paint.


Also, some automakers and car dealership indicate the paint code in the service books.


To determine the location of the plate with the number of paint on the body, use the hint above.


Please note in the tip that the possible location of the plate or vinyl sticker with the paint code and a sample code marking on the plate or sticker are indicated.


Also you can determine the color code by VIN code (body number). Some programs can determine the code and the name of the color by identifying the body number. This way you can determine the color on Japanese, Korean cars, Volkswagen Group cars (Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche Cayenne, Skoda, Seat), Mercedes-Benz, Ford Europa (paint name), Fiat, Peugeot, Citroen.


If you can not determine the code of paint yourself on the information plate on the body, send the VIN code of your car on a special form and get a message with the code of paint.


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