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We sell car paints of various colors and consumables for body repair for more than 15 years. Our team consists of highly qualified specialists with great practical experience. Our products are used in the manufacture and repair of metal structures, furniture, sports equipment, plastic, Medium Density Fibreboard , medical equipment, machine tools and other production machines, construction, decoration. Also, paints are used in the manufacture and repair of cars, commercial, freight, water, motor transport, construction equipment, agricultural and special equipment, containers.


We realize different types of paint coatings from the simplest ones, for metal structures, to high-tech exclusive equipment used in individual finishing. We realize alkyd, acrylic, polyurethane, base, ceramic paints, as well as ultramodern paints resistant to complex operating conditions and atmospheric effects (aggressive environment, ultraviolet, temperature differences).


Among our products you can choose single-layer enamels (alkyd, acrylic, polyurethane, rubber), two-layer (base enamels), three-layer (mother of pearl), chameleon paints, industrial paints. The whole range of all manufacturers of cars, commercial, cargo, motorcycle, water transport, construction equipment, agricultural and special machinery, as well as international color systems (RAL and NCS) is available. Also we realize colors of non-standard colors under the individual order.


Manufacturers of the products presented in our online store use a very wide raw material base, so we can offer you heat-resistant paints of any colors, matte, rubber, graffiti resistant, scratch resistant, glossy, increased density (thickness of the layer), paints for plastics and Rubber.


If you did not find the paint of the required color and texture, please contact us, we will help.


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