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CAR PAINT IN CAN 2361/2ml, 473ml, 946ml



Car paint application - instructions for use

On the INSTRUCTIONS page, we have made an descriptions for you how to use automotive paint of all types. By navigating to the links provided, you will find instructions on:

  • A restoration pencil of scratches and chips,
  • Car paint in an aerosol,
  • Car paint in cans of varying capacity,
  • Instructions on how to find using consumption of paint in aerosol, car paint in a can, car polish and primer on the example of a car paint consumtion of various types for car parts of an E-class models.

Scratch pencil

The instructions for the pencil from scratches and chips are given depending on the volume of the restoration pencils (15 and 30 ml), but in fact, you can use the instructions on how to touch up scratches and other small local defects listed on any of these pages, because the composition of the car painting and application technology are the same for both packaging. On the pages describing the characteristics of the restoration pencil, you can also watch the video instructions on applying scratches to the car.

Carpaint in aerosol –instructions for use

Instructions for spray paint in aerosol contain detailed diagrams:

  • Painting instructions for new metal parts
  • Painting instructions for parts of metal that has been restored after damage
  • Instruction for painting plastic parts
  • Instructions for painting car parts without damage to the old paint coating.

Also, you can familiarize yourself with all the characteristics of the car paint in the balloon Thunder Paint.

Auto Paint in cans from Thunder Paint

Liquid rubber Thunder Paint all packings has one general principle of application. Instructions for the use of canned autopaints for the restoration and painting of individual car parts are set out in the pages of all options for packing canned car paints. In addition, you can get acquainted with the procedure and the content of all preparatory works for car painting.

Car paint consumption for auto restoration

We have prepared a special table as a guideline for identifying the consumption of car paints in an aerosol, car paints in a can, a primer and car paint. The paint consumption table will help you to find out how many spray paints can be used in aerosols or in paint cans, how much automotive primer and polish you need to buy for painting car or its individual parts: bumper, door, trunk lid, etc.

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