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How to remove scratches?


Buy Scratch Removal Pencil 15ml


There are several ways how to eliminate chips and scratches on the car. 




Polishing of scratches will help only in case of surface damage of varnish-and-paint covering. In case of deeper damage, such as a scratch on the varnish that does not affect the paint, it makes sense to paint the scratch with a transparent varnish such as Fix-it Pro. Unfortunately, the scratch-erase pen (marker) Fix-it Pro often does not meet the expectations of the car owner, as it is effective only on scratches on varnish, when the paint is not damaged.


In the advertisement of this pencil we are convinced that it is universal, fits all colors of cars and can completely hide scratches on the car body, that after its application it is impossible to determine the place of the former scratch or cleavage. But in practice this is not confirmed, because the same pencil cannot go well and red and green car. The conclusion is one, Fix it Pro is a clear lacquer that will eliminate minor scratches on the varnish.


Also there are wax pencils with a tinting effect. In practice they are ineffective, in most cases they do not work, if you managed to hide a scratch with such a pencil, then it will last until the first wash.


To achieve complete elimination of scratches and chips, you can only complete painting the details. Although there are nuances here:

  • First, the risk of discrepancy between the prepared paint and the color of the car
  • Secondly, factory painting is almost always better than repair, which affects the body's resistance to corrosion;
  • Thirdly, of course the high cost of repairs and other inconveniences caused by the duration of a complete repainting of the part of car body.


When selling a car, the car in its own paint is always more valuable. In order to avoid the above inconveniences, we recommend using a repair pencil from scratches and chips.


To date, there are several types of pencils with car paint

  • Touch up pencil
  • Pencil marker
  • Pencil with a brush.


Touch up pencil will help to remove the chip in the car, as well as scratches. Works well on horizontal surfaces. Such as a hood, roof, boot lid. Great for removing small scratches. The drawback of such a pencil is that it is difficult to regulate the supply of paint or varnish and vertical leakage can be tolerated on vertical surfaces.


Pencil - marker, usually has a volume of 8 - 9 ml. This pencil is convenient to use on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Does not allow any inundations. It is convenient to paint a lot of small scratches that are close to each other. But also this pencil has its drawbacks. It is inconvenient to repair thin scratches because of a thick tip. And with time, the tip withers, although this problem is solved with the help of a solvent (acrylic). A small amount of paint in this pencil can also be classified as flaws.


A pencil from scratches with a brush 12ml has long been familiar to car enthusiasts. It can paint the scratches on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. It is convenient for painting defects with a large area. As you know, each car has its weak points, for example, Skoda Octavia: there is a plastic overlay on the trunk lid, above the license plate, along the edges near which the paint is covered. And also the thresholds, in the area of the front fenders of the car. The same disease is found in VW Multivan, Caravelle, Transporter and Caddy in the area of the side door handle. Similar problems are encountered in almost all cars of the VAG family. In these cases, a pencil with a brush will be an indispensable assistant.

When buying a pencil, you need to understand that you cannot completely paint the scratch on the car or you will not be able to chip it off (that is, restore it to its original factory state). The task of the pencil is to protect the metal from corrosion and make a scratch or chipping as inconspicuous as possible.


Repair of scratches and chips. The order of application of a paint and varnish covering.

  1. If the car has rust, remove it by any means, mechanical or chemical. If you use a rust converter, we recommend choosing an acid-free, it does not act as aggressive on metal as acid. We do not recommend removing rust mechanically on galvanized cars to avoid damaging the factory zinc coating.
  2. Apply the primer to clean metal, or to bare plastic, if it is chipped or scratched on plastic parts.


The need to use a primer consists in increasing the adhesion to the surface (adhesion), in the anticorrosive protection of metal, filling properties (restoration of the layer thickness). By design, car primers can be divided into 3 types:

  • Anticorrosive
  • Plastic
  • Filling


Anticorrosive primer can also act as a filler. It can be an epoxy or acidic primer. In the repair of chips and scratches with car pencils, an anticorrosive primer and a plastic primer are mainly used. Anticorrosive primer will increase the adhesion (adhesion) to the metal and give an anticorrosion protection, thus saving you from expensive repairs in the future. The task of a primer on plastic - increases adhesion to plastic surfaces. The next step is to paint.


The acid primer dries out 30 minutes after application at 20oC. Epoxy primer completely dries in 10 to 12 hours at 20oC. In professional repair, the primer should be sanded with sandpaper, degreased and painted. In our case, it is necessary to wait for the complete drying of the primer, degrease the surface and apply paint.


On a scratch or chip on the plastic surface, it is necessary to apply a primer over the plastic and after 15 minutes at 20oC it is possible to apply the paint.


3. Painting. On the primer, apply 2-3 layers of paint with interlayer drying for 10-15 minutes at 20oC. After the last layer, after 15 minutes, apply 2-3 layers of lacquer with interlayer drying for 10-15 minutes. Lacquer coated base paints. Acrylic paint varnish is not necessary. All basic enamels, including those with a metallic effect, mother-of-pearl and flat colors, must be varnished, since without it, the paint can eventually be washed off and corrosion can develop under it. As a rule, all cars of famous world automakers since 1995 are covered with paint, then with varnish.


Try to initially do all the work as carefully as possible and not go beyond the boundaries of damage.


After all of the above, you can try polishing the surface with a professional polish.


Pros of this repair:

  • This is of course a low cost, compared to the painting work on the service station.
  • The native paint is preserved, which will have a positive effect on corrosion resistance and on the estimated value of the car when you sell it in the future.
  • Saves time. You do not have to queue up for repairs in the service station and leave your car in repair for at least a few days.
  • At full painting of a detail you risk not to get in color of the car at selection of a paint
  • Insure yourself and your car against possible substandard repairs, which in our time is not uncommon.


Buy scratch pencil 15ml


09.06.2024 19:12

Advantages: The paint and varnish match the car's color.

I recommend it, the thin brush is convenient, and there's a capillary for fine chips and scratches.

Thank you for your feedback! We're glad you liked our touch up. We strive to make our products as convenient and effective as possible. If you have any further questions or suggestions, please let us know!

24.05.2024 11:30

Advantages: Fast delivery. The touch up matches the color of my HYUNDAI ELANTRA. The price is reasonable.

Disadvantages: Disadvantages: None

Happy with the order. Thank you!

Thank you for your feedback! We are glad that you are satisfied with your order and that the touch up perfectly matched the color of your HYUNDAI ELANTRA. If you have any additional questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to seeing you again among our customers! Sincerely,

21.05.2024 08:18

Advantages: Quickly, clearly.

They worked quickly and efficiently, the color matched.

27.04.2023 20:48

Advantages: Honesty and customer relations

Disadvantages: no

I am very surprised by the honesty and sensitivity of the team. I ordered paint, but it didn't match. The seller contacted me, selected the right paint, and sent it free of charge. Honestly, this is the first time I've seen such customer care. Now I will recommend this store to everyone. Thank you very much!!!

Good day! We are pleased to hear that you were satisfied with the service at our store. We always strive to provide our customers with quality products and the highest level of service, so we highly appreciate your positive feedback. We are always ready to assist our customers and find an individual approach to each situation. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or issues. We are always ready to help you. Thank you very much for your support and recommendations of our store. We are always happy to see satisfied customers. Best regards, Our store team.

13.01.2023 12:45

Advantages: The color matched.

Good afternoon. Got everything. The color matched.

Thank you for your feedback! We are very pleased that you were satisfied with your purchase and that everything was in the color you wanted. Our team always strives to provide quality products and services to meet the needs of our customers, so your positive feedback is very important to us. We look forward to seeing you again in our store in the future!

16.11.2022 09:56

Advantages: the color matched

Disadvantages: No

Sent immediately, the color matched, everything is good, everything is prompt, thank you.

Thank you for your feedback! We always strive to provide fast and quality delivery, so we are very glad that you were satisfied with the promptness of our work. We are pleased that the color you ordered fully met your expectations. We always aim to provide our customers with only quality goods and services, so your positive feedback is very important to us. Thank you for your purchase and see you again soon!

04.10.2022 07:38

Advantages: Paint is excellent.

The store operates efficiently.

Thank you for your feedback on the operation of our store and your review of the paint quality! We always strive to work as efficiently as possible to provide maximum comfort for our customers. We also take pride in the high quality of our products, and we are glad that you have noticed it. If you have any questions or need additional assistance in the future, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support. We are always happy to help our customers and do everything possible to ensure their satisfaction with our work and products. Thank you for your trust and feedback, they are very important to us!

25.09.2022 14:14

The only store where you can buy any paint.

Thank you very much for your comment and feedback about our store! We always strive to have a wide range of products, including various paints, to meet the needs of our customers. We are glad that you found everything you need in our store and hope that you will continue to use our services in the future. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to assist you!

22.06.2022 11:10

Advantages: The color corresponds to the paint code.


I struggled for a long time to find the right color pencil for restoring a scratch, but I couldn't match the required shade. Then, through "Online Car Paint Matching," I quickly found my shade. The paint was in stock. Everything worked for me! Thank you!

Glad you found the needed color. We strive to maintain a wide range of pencils for scratch restoration, our car paint matching service covers the vast majority of paint shades for all mainstream cars.

22.06.2022 08:19

Advantages: Bought three times for different cars. The color always matches. Convenient and fast.

In general, satisfied, they work qualitatively and quickly.

Thank you for your feedback! We are very pleased that you are satisfied with our work and the speed of service. We strive to provide high-quality services to our customers. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us. Thank you for choosing our store!

10.06.2022 09:45

Advantages: Order processing speed

I ordered a restoration pencil, they replied instantly, even though it was around one in the morning, and they shipped it the next day. The color matched, I recommend it.

06.05.2022 14:46

Advantages: Color matching, thank you, the result is better than expected.

Disadvantages: To cover small scratches on the car, I used a smaller brush.

Quickly sent the goods, the color matched very accurately. Convenient set for restoration paint + varnish. Probably, if you also take primer, then the paint consumption would be lower.

02.05.2022 16:19

Advantages: Quickly sent. The color matches.

The color suits, satisfied with the result.

01.03.2022 16:59

Advantages: The color matches, the paint dries quickly, it looks nice.

Very convenient touch up for removing minor damages. It's convenient when there's both paint and lacquer. I didn't know there was also primer in such a mini-bottle. Used it without primer, then paint, and then lacquer. It turned out quite well. Thank you.

01.03.2022 06:02

Advantages: The color was chosen well. Easy to use, dries quickly.

I got it for the Škoda Octavia, the color matched, painted over 4 chips, and there's still plenty of paint left in the bottle.

18.02.2022 18:52

Advantages: everything is fine.

Disadvantages: -

Hello, your touch up is awesome, just great, thanks, guys.

Thank you very much for the feedback. We are very glad to help.

17.01.2022 04:16

Thank you, the color of the paint matched the original.

Thank you. Feel free to contact us again.

13.08.2021 09:17

Advantages: Easy to use

Disadvantages: -

A good touch up, though the brush needs improvement.

12.08.2021 08:40

The color was perfect, they shipped quickly, I recommend.

07.08.2021 08:06

Touch up is excellent. The color is perfectly chosen. The most important thing is to know what you're buying!

14.07.2021 14:43

Advantages: Everything is fine

Disadvantages: There are no drawbacks.

Everything is great. I got everything I wanted.

05.07.2021 17:15

Advantages: The order was delivered on time. The paint matched the color well.

Disadvantages: No shortcomings found.

I would like more choice of transportation companies.

28.06.2021 14:59

The color is accurate. I'm ordering not for the first time. Everything is clear.

24.06.2021 00:54

Advantages: Order arrived quickly, color matched, price matched. Recommend!

Ordered paint and varnish with a brush, they contacted me the same day and shipped it. Arrived quickly, matched the color perfectly. Recommend.

Savchuk Ruslan
24.06.2021 00:53

Advantages: The product meets high quality standards.


I am very grateful to your website. The paint color of the car was quickly identified by the VIN code. The product received meets all high requirements and standards. I have already tried it on my car. Just great! I recommend everyone to use the services of this website. And I wish the staff good luck!

24.06.2021 00:45

Advantages: Thank you for the goods, the 2LB color touch up matched my Kia Sportage dark copper, received within two days, I recommend the seller.

I recommend the seller.

24.06.2021 00:40

The color matched everything well.

24.06.2021 00:38

Acted promptly, goods and price match, everything's great, thank you!

24.06.2021 00:36

Right color. Happy with the purchase. Recommend.

24.06.2021 00:29

Advantages: NAG OAK BROWN-MET. SUBARU (2016 - 2016) touch up 15ml + lacquer. Sent quickly.


Good afternoon! Thank you, I received the parcel, the color completely matched.

24.06.2021 00:16

Advantages: The color matched the car's color.

Disadvantages: No. But I'd like a brush that's thinner.

Found the right color after a long search, only at

24.06.2021 00:10

Advantages: The order was sent quickly. The item fully matches the description. A pleasant surprise was a small brush, which is indispensable for touching up small chips on doors.

Disadvantages: -

The order was sent quickly. The item fully matches the description. A pleasant surprise was a small brush, which is indispensable for touching up small chips on doors.

22.06.2021 23:16

The touch up matched the color of the car, quick delivery.

01.07.2020 12:00

Advantages: Good quality, color matches.



08.06.2020 09:03

Disadvantages: -

Everything is fine!

31.05.2020 14:16

Advantages: Came quickly without calling!


I ordered two touch up (paint and varnish), the paint doesn't match the color at all. I won't use it, it's a pity for the wasted money. Although I ordered according to the paint code for my car (LD5M). The varnish will probably come in handy. But for the paint, I'll have to turn to an auto paint matching service! What a pity...

Dear Andrey, thank you for the advertisement. You have done a very high-quality and neat repair. From experience, we can say that the result turned out to be worthy, despite the fact that the part in the photo is not in factory paint (it has already been repaired) and is painted not in the best way (very coarse texture). We kindly request that after you consult on the selection of paints, try to apply it in the same way as our touch up, and share the result with us (send a photo). Anticipating, we want to say that the result may be worse than the one in the photo. The selection of paints is carried out as follows: The color is chosen based on the color, for example, your LD5M, and a minimal amount of paint is prepared; The first coating is applied and compared with the sample; The paint is adjusted towards the sample. Painting is done with a spray gun. If you apply the selected paint with a brush or applicator, it will already differ in shade because it will not be possible to evenly apply pearl and metallic in this way. 'Not matching the color at all' means when the car is white, and the paint is black, and vice versa. Perfectionism - in psychology, the belief that the ideal can and should be achieved, the belief that an imperfect result of work has no right to exist. Perfectionism also involves striving to remove all "unnecessary" or make the "uneven" object "even."

05.05.2020 14:09

Advantages: fit perfectly

Disadvantages: -

Received the package, thank you, everything is very good, you are great!!

28.04.2020 10:41

Advantages: To my mind, the touch up matches the color almost entirely! The car is 12 years old, I think the paint has changed its color over time. I took the color A4A TRUE RED for a MAZDA 3 2008.

Disadvantages: To me, 15 milliliters seems expensive. But anyway, it's cheaper than painting in a workshop.

But in any case, a touch up is cheaper than painting in a workshop. And there is something to do on weekends during quarantine.

Thank you for your feedback! We're glad that our touch up matched the color of your car and helped you solve the problem of chipping. However, we strive to set reasonable prices for our products, considering their quality and the results you achieve. We hope that our prices will remain affordable for you and allow you to solve car paint issues at home, especially during such challenging times as quarantine.

23.04.2020 11:11

Everything quickly, clearly. Excellent color selection. I recommend.

09.03.2020 18:25

Disadvantages: -

Everything is fine. They acted promptly. I got what I ordered.

24.02.2020 21:35

Advantages: Easy to use, matches the body color, fast shipping.

Disadvantages: -

Thank you, the order arrived quickly.

22.02.2020 22:52

Advantages: Convenient set, has everything you need, fast delivery.

The color matched perfectly

18.02.2020 16:19

Advantages: Acceptable price, excellent quality, ordered already 5 times for different cars, always matched the color.

I recommend.

18.02.2020 04:34

Advantages: Sent on the day of the order, color matches the original, thank you all.

Disadvantages: -

Ordered a touch up for an American Fiat, a very rare color. It was in stock.

18.02.2020 02:15

Advantages: Great choice of color, nice set – has everything necessary, nothing extra.

COLOR MAZDA 46V. No one had it in stock, not even the official dealers. Found it in this store, the touch up set was available, they shipped it on the day of the order.

17.02.2020 19:23

Advantages: Acceptable price, fast delivery, excellent quality!

Scratched the black car, rubbed against a pole. Was really upset, ended up paying $150 at the paint shop. Didn't know what to do, called for advice. They suggested polishing first, then touching up the remaining scratches with a touch up. The result is just amazing. The scratches are completely invisible. By the way, the kit comes with applicators that can be used to neatly cover very fine scratches. Guys - a huge thank you!

13.02.2020 15:15

Advantages: It matched the color of my car; I selected it by the body number.


13.02.2020 10:46

Advantages: Fast shipping, consulted, dispatched on the day of order.

Couldn't find the touch up I needed anywhere else but this store; everywhere else it was only available by order and twice the price. Thanks, guys! Also, managed to fix a scratch on the company car in a hurry. Happy with the results.

13.02.2020 01:56

Advantages: The set includes applicators that are convenient for filling in small chips.

Bought a white American Passat, the touch up matched the color perfectly.

12.02.2020 07:13

Advantages: The paint covered the small chip on the hood perfectly. After polishing, you can't see any difference.

In sub-zero temperatures, I painted, everything dried out. The quality is superb.

12.02.2020 05:49

Advantages: Perfect fit for my car. Fast shipping.

I bought a touch-up paint kit for VW. The quality is just like the original.

06.01.2020 10:41

Received the order. Everything fits. Good quality. Recommend.

27.12.2019 09:30

Advantages: Color match - 100%

Disadvantages: -

The color matches 100%, there are even small speckles of glitter. Really liked it!

19.12.2019 14:39

Advantages: White is generally difficult to match, but the guys did everything properly - you can't tell the difference from the factory shade. So, if you don't want to pay for original sets, this is the place for you)))

To paint. That lacquer in a separate bottle. I understand, it should be that way, but for chips it could be together.

06.12.2019 15:45

Advantages: Convenient brush, dries quickly, fast shipping.


Bought paint to touch up the edges of doors and thresholds, took about 5 minutes.

06.12.2019 15:33

Advantages: The color matches, I selected it on the website by the VIN code, and there is little consumption.

I bought a used car, decided to freshen it up, very convenient thing for minor repairs.

06.12.2019 11:44

Advantages: Good paint consistency makes it easy to apply, the applicators are very appropriate.

Went fishing, scratched the threshold, touch up helped.

05.12.2019 21:41

Advantages: Matched the color, quickly shipped, comes with convenient applicators.

Touched up the chip on the fender, primed it, then paint and lacquer, all according to the instructions, turned out well.

05.12.2019 19:08

Advantages: Convenient to apply, dries quickly.

After touch-up of chips and scratches, it's almost unnoticeable, thank you.

Joseph Pseum
03.12.2019 22:40

Advantages: I read the reviews and decided to spruce up my car, it had 250,000 km on it and had gathered a couple dozen chips. I repainted it and the car transformed.

Spent 20 minutes on the whole event, the paint dries quickly on the surface.

03.12.2019 08:19

Advantages: Got into the color, the paint is moderately thick and applies well.

Disadvantages: -

Ordered and received at the post office the next day, the price corresponds to the quality.

29.11.2019 12:43

Advantages: fast delivery, easy to use, matched the color of my car


I parked and scratched the bumper, it's minor, but noticeable, after the touch-up the scratch isn't even visible, thank you.

13.11.2019 10:21

Advantages: Easy to use touch up, convenient small brush. Shipped quickly.

Although I used a free service and they matched the color based on the VIN code for my 2018 Ford, the touch up still turned out darker than the original paint, and it wasn't possible to touch up unnoticed. Is there any way to make it lighter?

Good day. The topic has been discussed multiple times before. To sum it up briefly: apply a thick layer – the shade will be darker; squeeze the brush well, until dry – the shade will be lighter. This applies to all metallic colors; there's a photo example (with blue paint) above, showing how the same paint can differ in shade depending on the application method. Thank you for your feedback.

12.11.2019 13:28

Advantages: Very convenient online paint selection, the paint matched the color by 95%. Very satisfied! Fast shipping, clear instructions, easy to use.

You won't find a better tool for pre-sales preparation.

05.11.2019 11:59

The color matched the car exactly, I didn't even think that could happen.

Thank you for your feedback! We're always pleased when the paint color matches perfectly.

04.11.2019 10:16

Advantages: Thank you, the color suits me, and thanks separately for the thin brush.

Everything is fine.

03.11.2019 23:37

Advantages: This thing saved me. While parked, they scratched the rented car, and thanks to the pencil, I managed to return it to the owner without any problems.

The kit includes applicators that make it convenient to fill in fine scratches.

14.10.2019 10:46

Advantages: Matches the description, applies evenly. Completely satisfied.

Disadvantages: Not seen yet.

If necessary, I will order more.

02.10.2019 13:30

Advantages: Good quality, color matched.

Disadvantages: -

Fast delivery

24.09.2019 23:52

Advantages: The color matches the original. Fast delivery.


Thank you, great service. Highly recommend.

24.09.2019 20:45

Advantages: Good sprayer, comes with lacquer that is orders of magnitude better than standard Presto, Motip, etc.

Disadvantages: -

Touched up the threshold where the stones had chipped away, everything turned out great. Excellent instructions on the website.

Thank you for such a detailed review.

17.09.2019 08:00

Advantages: The color matches, you can take it for minor repairs in inconspicuous places, get it with lacquer and primer if the chip goes down to the metal.


You can take

Thank you for the feedback. Indeed, it's more practical to get the restoration touch up as part of a set with primer and lacquer.

10.09.2019 17:55

Fits perfectly.

10.09.2019 12:04

Advantages: One can of paint was enough to completely paint the front wing. The color matched.

Disadvantages: -

Received detailed consultation over the phone, clearly specialists are working, thank you!

10.09.2019 11:19

Advantages: The shade of paint matches the color of my car, and that makes me happy!

Thank you

08.09.2019 09:24

Advantages: Easy to use. Dries quickly.

Disadvantages: -

It's tricky to apply with a brush on thin scratches, you need to practice. Moreover, the paint dries quickly, so you have to work faster. That's something to remember. Also, the paint is a few shades darker, which is expected because the car is not new anymore. I wonder if there's a way to dilute the paint to make it slightly lighter?

Apply the paint with semi-dry strokes, and the shade will be lighter.

04.09.2019 12:33

Disadvantages: The color turns out slightly darker than the original color.

I took the color RAT as indicated on the car. But it turned out to be slightly darker...

Apply the paint with semi-dry strokes, and the shade will be lighter.

28.08.2019 02:39

17.08.2019 00:39

Advantages: Everything's fine, the color matches, fast delivery.

I bought a touch-up paint kit for my Renault KADJAR 2015, with beige dune metallic lacquer and touch up. Managed to remove several scratches on the fenders and along the trim of the fog lights. I'm pleased with the result, thank you.

16.08.2019 19:11

Advantages: I covered up the scratch on the bumper. Turned out well, the scratch isn't noticeable.

Disadvantages: -

Quickly sent, color matched, convenient and clear instructions. Thank you.

16.08.2019 19:10

Disadvantages: The color yr565p was ordered - brown metallic. After testing according to the instructions, the color turned out to be black.

Please react.

Good day. Thank you for reaching out. The color of your HONDA YR565P DARK MOCHA PEARL is a dark brown pearl, consisting of 85% black pigment and 10% pearl. Thus, your color can be classified as black, which exhibits its brown hue under bright sunlight due to the red pearl. All paints are primarily intended for application by pneumatic spraying (spray gun), where the thickness of each layer is significantly thinner than that of a layer applied by brush or applicator to eliminate chips and scratches. Also, when spraying the paint, the pearl grain is evenly distributed over the surface. When applying this color with a brush, the following point should be considered: paint applied with a thick layer will have a darker shade because the small amount of pearl in your paint will simply drown in the dark pigment, making the paint appear black; conversely, by pressing the brush well and applying semi-dry strokes, you will get a lighter shade. Judging by the photo you attached, you have made several test touch-ups - two of them are dark, applied thickly, and one is applied in a drier manner, with a lighter shade. To see the brown hue, it is necessary to expose this sample to sunlight or illuminate it (the specificity of this color is that in the shade it looks more black). This question has already been discussed in previous reviews, and we have also attached a photo to the instructions on this page showing how the same paint can differ depending on the application method (using blue color as an example, which does not contain black pigment). Exaggerated expectations - do not expect that you will restore the paintwork to factory condition with a touch up. The touch up is a budget tool for repairing chips and scratches, the task of which is to improve the appearance of the car. Also, with proper application and adherence to the instructions, you will protect the metal from corrosion. We hope our response will help you achieve the desired result. Feel free to contact the managers of our online store, we will be happy to assist you.

15.07.2019 09:49

Advantages: The information is up-to-date, the delivery is timely.

The information is up-to-date, the delivery is timely.

Thank you for your feedback

12.06.2019 16:47

22.05.2019 19:16

Advantages: Thank you. Everything arrived on time and of good quality. Checked. Must be applied according to the instructions. Recommend.

Disadvantages: -

I recommend it. Great store and product. Helpful sellers.

Thank you for evaluating our work!)

27.04.2019 08:33

Advantages: I ordered a touch up 15ml and varnish through the website. Paid by card. Received an email with the order number and all details. The goods arrived by mail in 2 days. The color was chosen by the car paint code. 100% color match. Thank you.


I recommend the seller. By the way, there's a video instruction on the website.

09.04.2019 08:46

Advantages: All good - the color matches, they sent it quickly.

Both paint and varnish apply well. Paints are now larger - not 12, but 20 ml.

19.02.2019 09:01

Advantages: Perfect fit

Disadvantages: The varnish is weird and applies with streaks.

Great paint

Thank you for your feedback. The paint selection, although automated, almost always matches the original color of the car precisely. To ensure even application of paint and lacquer from the restoration touch up, it is necessary to shake them well before use.

22.01.2019 17:59

Advantages: The goods are of high quality and were delivered quickly. Thank you!!

Disadvantages: -

thank you

We're glad the product met your expectations. Even in a 20ml package, the restoration touch up can last a long time, so you'll be able to use it for removing scratches on your car and beyond. The key is to tightly seal the bottle; the paint won't lose its properties, and the color of the car paint won't change.

08.11.2018 14:14

Advantages: Fast, high-quality

Disadvantages: -

I ordered a pencil by the factory code. It matched the color perfectly. Everything is great! Thank you!

Thank you for your feedback! We're glad that the touch up shade matches the factory paint code.

27.10.2018 11:40

Advantages: Good color match

Disadvantages: -

Normal paint is fine. But keep in mind, without lacquer, the color will be slightly off. To make the paint look factory-like, it's necessary to apply a clear coat for proper light refraction. I had no problem touching up the chips on the hood. Of course, from a close distance, you can see them; you can't do better with a touch up. But from a couple of meters away, it's fire.

Thank you for your feedback! We're glad the car paint color matched. And yes, of course, when applying lacquer, chipping and scratches will be less noticeable. Even though touching up chips and scratches with lacquer applied on top of the paint won't be as seamless as factory paint, it won't catch the eye so easily.

24.10.2018 09:09

Advantages: Everyone is satisfied. The paint color matches the car's color code.

Disadvantages: -

Do not send spam to email

Sending spam or any intrusive advertisements is not programmed, but thank you for the alert, we will check the mail service settings. Thank you for the feedback, glad the car paint color matched.

06.10.2018 18:02

Advantages: The most optimal option for touching up small chips and scratches.


For touching up small chips and scratches, it's the most optimal option. Sent on the day of payment, received the next day. Thank you!

Thank you for your feedback! The restoration automotive touch up is designed to address minor defects. However, for more serious damage to the paint coating, it is more convenient to use spray paint in a can, as it has an adjustable nozzle, allowing for spraying both small areas and covering the entire damaged part.

18.09.2018 13:33

Advantages: The color is exactly the same as in the original.

The pencil perfectly matched the original color of the Ford Fiesta 2016 in Deep Impact Blue, delivered quickly and without any problems.

On cars of the recent years' production, the touch-up markers match the factory color well. There have been no failures in matching the color range of the pencils for the Ford Fiesta. We are very pleased that the color deep impact blue also corresponds to the shade of the factory paint. This color of touch-up marker was ordered for the first time, so we are very grateful to you for the information about the quality of the touch-up marker!

15.09.2018 20:28

Advantages: Everything is great

Disadvantages: It's slightly off in color from the paint code SAE CYCLONE GRAY-MET. (HYUNDAI (2012 - 2013)), a bit darker.

No comments

Before applying, squeeze out excess paint from the brush and apply with semi-dry strokes. A thick layer of paint will result in a dark shade, while a thin layer will be lighter.

04.09.2018 11:45

Advantages: Great paint!

Disadvantages: -

Very fast delivery, everything is great!

21.08.2018 18:44

Advantages: Scratch removal on the car went fine. Satisfied with the product, the car paint color matched.

Disadvantages: -

I didn't think that removing scratches from a car on my own could be done quite well, but it turned out not bad, even though I did it for the first time. Online paint matching, although free, does give results - the paint matched the color.

We're glad you succeeded! Yes, removing scratches on a car is something you can definitely do yourself. With careful work, painting over the scratches turns out quite well, and with proper drying of all layers of paint and lacquer, the restored paint coating will last a long time.

21.08.2018 17:52

Advantages: Convenient car cosmetics, especially such a scratch touch up, are needed when there are chips on critical areas like curves, wing edges, sills, where if left untreated, rust will quickly spread.

Disadvantages: I wish there was the same thing, but in a small can.

I took a small touch up for scratches with a brush, everything fit, there was still paint left, but I should have taken a bigger marker right away.

A scratch touch up with a brush can be purchased in a bottle of 20ml, which is a small packaging, but there are also larger ones - a scratch pen with a brush in a bottle of 30 ml, which will really last longer. If the car is not very new and its problematic curves are scratched or already more prone to chipping, then a 30 ml scratch touch up is the optimal choice.

14.08.2018 19:47

Advantages: Hello! The removal of scratches on the car went well. These markers are quite handy and will suffice for more than one scratch.


Removing scratches from the car went fine. It's a handy thing, easy to use, the color matches, I just went a bit overboard with the layers myself, ended up a bit higher in level.

Thank you for your feedback! We're glad you were able to successfully remove the scratches on the car.

28.07.2018 15:50

Advantages: Everything is great!

Everything is great, thank you!

28.07.2018 12:34

Disadvantages: -

20ml PEUGEOT N4 BRUN MANGARO-MET. Touch up - thank you, everything is great!

Please feel free to reach out, we'll be happy to help!

20.07.2018 12:33

Advantages: The color matched perfectly. The lacquer is of excellent quality. Shipped on the day of the order. Checked the color code by VIN code.


KIA Ceed JD 2017 - Infra Red AA9. Completely matched the body color, two layers of paint needed to match the body tone. Covered a couple of scratches from door hits by neighbors and scratches from watch bracelets. Covered with one layer of lacquer and polished with abrasive paste.

Thank you for such a precise review) The color is precisely matched for the KIA Ceed JD 2017 car paint shade Infra Red AA9. With a single application, the shade will be slightly lighter; the touch-up paint is designed for 2-3 coats. Then you get the closest shade.

12.07.2018 17:26

Advantages: Even the heavy color, mother-of-pearl, perfectly matches the car's color.

I matched the paint by VIN. When it arrived, I was slightly disappointed as the color was much darker than needed. But still, I painted it. After 2 days, the color was exactly the same. If you didn't know there was a scratch, you wouldn't see it in your life. Overall - highly recommend!

If you match the paint by VIN code, it will perfectly match the color. This is the most accurate way to select automotive paint and touch-up pencil. The touch up for scratches, if you tightly seal it and store it in a place inaccessible to sunlight and at a temperature not exceeding 25 degrees Celsius, will remain usable for a long time. But we hope you won't need to use it and won't have to cover up new scratches. Thank you for your feedback.

10.07.2018 09:52

The paint color matches perfectly. Got it by the paint code. Very satisfied. Thank you!

A touch-up for repairing chips can be selected with precision for any Nissan model. Purchasing a Nissan chip touch-up may be included in a chip repair kit - a touch up with primer, paint touch up, and a touch up with clear coat for the final finish of the restoration area.

25.06.2018 14:04

Advantages: The touch up matched the color perfectly.


Placed an order and it was shipped the same day. Got the complete set for touching up the chips on Renault Duster, the paint color matched perfectly.

Thank you for your feedback, at Autocolor you can find a set for touching up Renault chips for any model of this brand.

20.06.2018 09:03

Advantages: Matched by color


All is well, sent right away. I bought a set for touching up Skoda paint chips, so I could cover the repaired spot with clear coat right away. Very convenient, and I'm satisfied with the result.

Buying a set for touching up paint chips is definitely more convenient. It's not always immediately clear if the scratch has reached the metal body, sometimes it only becomes apparent during cleaning and degreasing. For deep scratches, it's better to prime them first, then apply paint and lacquer. Touch-up paint chip kits for Skoda are available for the entire range of models from different years of production, so feel free to inquire.

18.06.2018 13:07

Advantages: Fast, high quality.

Disadvantages: -

The order was delivered in 2 days. Touch up + scratch varnish with a brush 20ml. Also put 2 thin brushes, just what you need. Satisfied with the order. Thank.

We strive to take into account the wishes of our customers, and regarding the touch up and lacquer for scratches, feedback has been received that sometimes the brush of the restoration touch up is too thick for filling in thin scratches, so when possible, we additionally include thin brushes with the order.

18.06.2018 07:39

Advantages: The color matched perfectly, I'm satisfied.

Disadvantages: -

The car is from 2006, and the paint is just as it was.

Car body touch-up paint is a very convenient automotive cosmetic for DIY defect repair. We have touch-up paint not only for cars manufactured in 2006, but also for those from 1996) and even if you need to touch up chips on retro models - feel free to contact us, we will find the right match!

23.05.2018 10:38

Advantages: It's nice to deal with specialists who have experience. The color matches the car's color. Thank you.

Disadvantages: -

Quick, efficient. I recommend to everyone.

Thank you for your feedback! We are always glad when we manage to determine the color of the car paint accurately, as touch-up of scratches and chips makes no sense when the color of the automotive paint in the marker does not match the shade of the "original" car paint.

03.05.2018 10:42

Advantages: Small price. Definitely hit the rare color. Only here did I find paint with such a marking.

Disadvantages: -

Fast delivery. Everything's great. We'll order again.

30.04.2018 16:25

Advantages: To the white car, the paint matched perfectly. It was sent promptly. The paint is of excellent quality.


I ordered a touch up for filling in chips on a white car, the paint matched 1:1, I didn't even expect such a perfect match for white color + the product itself is of good quality. I'm satisfied.

Paint for a white car is not always matched exactly, due to the variety of white shades. We're glad that in your case the touch-up pencil worked. Thank you for your feedback!

26.04.2018 08:02

Advantages: Fast. High-quality. The touch up fit perfectly.

Disadvantages: -

I will recommend to others.

18.04.2018 09:22


Disadvantages: -


08.04.2018 10:43

Advantages: The color perfectly matched.

Delivered very quickly, bought a set for touching up chips on my Mazda, easy and convenient to use.

Thank you for your feedback. Restoration touch up, if used as a set for touch-ups of chips, will always come in handy and help to touch up chips, scratches independently. You can choose a set for touching up chips for any car model from the Mazda lineup.

02.04.2018 22:14

Advantages: SEAT LS5V AZUL LLUVIA-MET. I bought a touch-up touch up and lacquer. The package arrived the next day, thanks for the promptness. The color matched well - thanks to the manager!

Disadvantages: -

Satisfied with the order!

We were glad to help. Feel free to contact us again. We have SEAT car paint in all shades. You can order touch-up pens, spray paint cans, or liquid rubber in jars.

08.03.2018 16:12

Advantages: Fast delivery. Reasonable price.

Disadvantages: -

The scratch touch up doesn't quite match the color of my car.

Good day, Alexey. Thank you for your feedback. You ordered a scratch touch up for VOLKSWAGEN 9H IRON GREY-MET. The thing is, this is a metallic-effect color. Your car was painted at the factory by pneumatic spraying with a paint gun. When applying your factory paint with a touch up (brush or marker), the color may slightly differ due to the uneven distribution of the metallic grain. Because of this, the color may be darker or lighter. If you need a lighter shade, apply the paint with semi-dry strokes; if darker, a thicker layer is necessary. Roughly speaking, you can adjust the paint shade simply by squeezing the brush. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, we'll be happy to help.

26.02.2018 23:34

Advantages: Completely matched my golf. Helped correctly determine the paint code.


Fast delivery, reasonable price.

We're glad we didn't make a mistake in identifying the color of your car. A scratch touch up, especially in a 30 ml package, is a profitable purchase because with such auto cosmetics, it's easy to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the car for quite a long time, as the scratch touch up is not for one-time use. Auto markers store well and retain their properties if the cap is tightly closed and the auto marker is not subjected to sharp temperature fluctuations.

25.02.2018 09:01

Quickly and qualitatively.

Glad we could help, feel free to reach out again.

17.01.2018 22:32

Advantages: High-quality product. The color matched perfectly.

Disadvantages: -

Everything is great. Quality product. Fast delivery. I recommend for cooperation.

Thank you for your feedback! The car paint color matching service is available for free on our website. Our program allows users to determine the paint color for their car by the body number, VIN code, brand, and production date of the vehicle. Users who have difficulty choosing the exact color of their car are encouraged to seek assistance from our consultants at Autocolors store. We are always happy to help!

12.01.2018 10:51

Advantages: Excellent paint. The color matches 100%. Good quality, moderately thick. Convenient to work with. 10+ Responsive staff.

Disadvantages: -

Highly recommend to everyone!

11.12.2017 20:04

Good afternoon, how do I use the touch up? I ordered a touch up with a lacquer, but received one touch up and two lacquers with different codes?

Good day, your color is white pearl. The set includes three touch ups: paint bottom layer (white color); paint semi-transparent pearl (next layer); transparent varnish (last layer). Apply the paint bottom layer, after 15 minutes apply the semi-transparent pearl, after 15 minutes apply the varnish. Paint and varnish can be applied in several layers, interval between layers 15 minutes. The optimal temperature is 20 degrees. If the temperature is below 20, it is necessary to increase the interval between layers. Do not use at sub-zero temperatures. The schematic instruction is provided above, we recommend reading it. Thank you for your order. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

27.11.2017 09:25

Advantages: Fast delivery. The scratch touch up matches the color of my Hyundai i20 car. Acceptable price.

Disadvantages: -

I couldn't find the needed color anywhere; it was only available at Thanks to the guys for the consultation.

Thank you for the nice feedback) We're glad the scratch touch up matched the color. We always have the full range of restoration touch up in stock. Our store consultants are always ready to help with color matching for automotive paint.

25.11.2017 10:02

Advantages: corresponds to my Ford

Disadvantages: -

Thank you, everything fit perfectly. I got a set for repairing Ford paint chips: primer, paint, and a pencil with lacquer. Everything is fine.

Thank you for your feedback. A set for touching up Ford paint chips can be ordered for any car of this brand, of any year of manufacture, even for very old cars. Choose the color of automotive enamel included in the paint chip repair kit using the free paint matching service.

10.11.2017 10:23

How to use car touch-up paint? And clear coat?

Apply paint in 2-3 coats after 10-15 minutes. Then, after 15 minutes, apply lacquer in 2-3 coats after 10-15 minutes. The optimal temperature for application is 20 degrees Celsius. At lower temperatures (above zero), increase the interval between coats.

16.10.2017 20:57

Advantages: Everything's great, the car is 16 years old, but the paint matched wonderfully (LA1W). Used a touch-up pen (brush).

Please do not send spam to my email.

09.08.2017 01:09



Automotive touch-up, not washed off during washing. Convenient brush. Low consumption, the tocu up lasts a long time. I've bought it more than once, very convenient. Recommend.

Thank you for evaluating our work! The touch up autobody paint is indeed quite durable if applied correctly and allowed to dry without sudden temperature changes. The brush of the restoration touch up is convenient for covering wide scratches and chips, but when it comes to narrow scratches on the body, our customers note that the brush of the restoration touch up could be thinner.

05.07.2017 10:56

Good touch up, just the brush could be a little thinner, then it would be superb!

If you need to remove a very fine and shallow scratch on a car, it is advisable to use a brush other than a touch up, any thin synthetic brush will do. Scratch repair touch upfor cars rarely come with thin brushes because the application of enamel or lacquer to the painted surface is better done with a thicker brush. Additionally, a brush that is too thin tends to clog from drying enamel or lacquer when scratch repair is prolonged or used frequently.

12.04.2017 22:38

Advantages: Pros: In my opinion, the touch up matches the color perfectly!


Moreover, when ordering - professional assistance in choosing store specialists. They called back, helped with the right color choice, and quickly sent it! In a word - THANK YOU!!!

And thank you for your feedback) If you need to choose paint for your car or a pencil for chips and scratches, you can always get advice from our specialists or use the paint selection service (by VIN code, body number, car brand).

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