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How to remove scratches?


Buy Scratch Removal Pencil 30ml


There are several ways how to eliminate chips and scratches on the car. 




Polishing of scratches will help only in case of surface damage of varnish-and-paint covering. In case of deeper damage, such as a scratch on the varnish that does not affect the paint, it makes sense to paint the scratch with a transparent varnish such as Fix-it Pro. Unfortunately, the scratch-erase pen (marker) Fix-it Pro often does not meet the expectations of the car owner, as it is effective only on scratches on varnish, when the paint is not damaged.


In the advertisement of this pencil we are convinced that it is universal, fits all colors of cars and can completely hide scratches on the car body, that after its application it is impossible to determine the place of the former scratch or cleavage. But in practice this is not confirmed, because the same pencil cannot go well and red and green car. The conclusion is one, Fix it Pro is a clear lacquer that will eliminate minor scratches on the varnish.


Also there are wax pencils with a tinting effect. In practice they are ineffective, in most cases they do not work, if you managed to hide a scratch with such a pencil, then it will last until the first wash.


To achieve complete elimination of scratches and chips, you can only complete painting the details. Although there are nuances here:

  • First, the risk of discrepancy between the prepared paint and the color of the car
  • Secondly, factory painting is almost always better than repair, which affects the body's resistance to corrosion;
  • Thirdly, of course the high cost of repairs and other inconveniences caused by the duration of a complete repainting of the part of car body.


When selling a car, the car in its own paint is always more valuable. In order to avoid the above inconveniences, we recommend using a repair pencil from scratches and chips.


To date, there are several types of pencils with car paint

  • Touch up pencil
  • Pencil marker
  • Pencil with a brush.


Touch up pencil will help to remove the chip in the car, as well as scratches. Works well on horizontal surfaces. Such as a hood, roof, boot lid. Great for removing small scratches. The drawback of such a pencil is that it is difficult to regulate the supply of paint or varnish and vertical leakage can be tolerated on vertical surfaces.


Pencil - marker, usually has a volume of 8 - 9 ml. This pencil is convenient to use on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Does not allow any inundations. It is convenient to paint a lot of small scratches that are close to each other. But also this pencil has its drawbacks. It is inconvenient to repair thin scratches because of a thick tip. And with time, the tip withers, although this problem is solved with the help of a solvent (acrylic). A small amount of paint in this pencil can also be classified as flaws.


A pencil from scratches with a brush 30ml has long been familiar to car enthusiasts. It can paint the scratches on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. It is convenient for painting defects with a large area. As you know, each car has its weak points, for example, Skoda Octavia: there is a plastic overlay on the trunk lid, above the license plate, along the edges near which the paint is covered. And also the thresholds, in the area of the front fenders of the car. The same disease is found in VW Multivan, Caravelle, Transporter and Caddy in the area of the side door handle. Similar problems are encountered in almost all cars of the VAG family. In these cases, a pencil with a brush will be an indispensable assistant.

When buying a pencil, you need to understand that you cannot completely paint the scratch on the car or you will not be able to chip it off (that is, restore it to its original factory state). The task of the pencil is to protect the metal from corrosion and make a scratch or chipping as inconspicuous as possible.


Repair of scratches and chips. The order of application of a paint and varnish covering.

  1. If the car has rust, remove it by any means, mechanical or chemical. If you use a rust converter, we recommend choosing an acid-free, it does not act as aggressive on metal as acid. We do not recommend removing rust mechanically on galvanized cars to avoid damaging the factory zinc coating.
  2. Apply the primer to clean metal, or to bare plastic, if it is chipped or scratched on plastic parts.


The need to use a primer consists in increasing the adhesion to the surface (adhesion), in the anticorrosive protection of metal, filling properties (restoration of the layer thickness). By design, car primers can be divided into 3 types:

  • Anticorrosive
  • Plastic
  • Filling


Anticorrosive primer can also act as a filler. It can be an epoxy or acidic primer. In the repair of chips and scratches with car pencils, an anticorrosive primer and a plastic primer are mainly used. Anticorrosive primer will increase the adhesion (adhesion) to the metal and give an anticorrosion protection, thus saving you from expensive repairs in the future. The task of a primer on plastic - increases adhesion to plastic surfaces. The next step is to paint.


The acid primer dries out 30 minutes after application at 20oC. Epoxy primer completely dries in 10 to 12 hours at 20oC. In professional repair, the primer should be sanded with sandpaper, degreased and painted. In our case, it is necessary to wait for the complete drying of the primer, degrease the surface and apply paint.


On a scratch or chip on the plastic surface, it is necessary to apply a primer over the plastic and after 15 minutes at 20oC it is possible to apply the paint.


3. Painting. On the primer, apply 2-3 layers of paint with interlayer drying for 10-15 minutes at 20oC. After the last layer, after 15 minutes, apply 2-3 layers of lacquer with interlayer drying for 10-15 minutes. Lacquer coated base paints. Acrylic paint varnish is not necessary. All basic enamels, including those with a metallic effect, mother-of-pearl and flat colors, must be varnished, since without it, the paint can eventually be washed off and corrosion can develop under it. As a rule, all cars of famous world automakers since 1995 are covered with paint, then with varnish.


Try to initially do all the work as carefully as possible and not go beyond the boundaries of damage.


After all of the above, you can try polishing the surface with a professional polish.


Pros of this repair:

  • This is of course a low cost, compared to the painting work on the service station.
  • The native paint is preserved, which will have a positive effect on corrosion resistance and on the estimated value of the car when you sell it in the future.
  • Saves time. You do not have to queue up for repairs in the service station and leave your car in repair for at least a few days.
  • At full painting of a detail you risk not to get in color of the car at selection of a paint
  • Insure yourself and your car against possible substandard repairs, which in our time is not uncommon.


Buy scratch pencil 30ml


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