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Epoxy anticorrosive primer, for active metal protection against corrosion. It has a high adhesion to steel, galvanized and aluminum surfaces.


Shake the balloon with soil for 3min. It is applied to a bare ground and non-greasy metal (sandpaper on a dry P240). Apply evenly: the distance from the surface is 25-30 cm, 2-3 layers with an interlayer drying interval of 15min at 20oC. Complete drying at 20oC - 24 hours. After drying, it can be covered with all car paints.
Used for application to non-ferrous metals. It has excellent anti-corrosion properties. Also acts as a soil-insulator (does not undermine the old paintwork on the rubs). It has excellent filling properties.


Can be applied to bare metal, putty, acidic primer and old paint and varnish. On the epoxy primer can be applied putty, acrylic primer, paint.


The primer is also suitable for wet-on-wet application. After application at 20oC for a period of time from 1 hour to 24 hours, it is possible to apply paint without preliminary sanding the primer.


Sand on dry P400 (under acrylic paint) and P600 (for base enamel, metallic). 


The method "wet on wet" allows you to apply paint to the primer without pre-grinding. The principle is the following - on the wet (not dry) primer paint is applied. Solvents in the paint and primer mix and firmly bind the materials together. At the output, the optimum adhesion between the materials without preliminary ground grinding is obtained. This method reduces repair time.


Important! It is necessary to carefully work out the surface before applying the primer method "wet on wet", there is a possibility of shrinkage of materials.


Automotive anticorrosive primer is applied to steel, galvanized steel, aluminum. Used to actively protect the metal of the body of the car from corrosion (rust).


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