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Transparent, quick-drying high-gloss varnish for point and sub-surface repair.


Pencil with varnish shake for 3min. After applying the base enamel after 15min at 20oC, varnish is applied. Apply the paint evenly with a brush. If necessary, apply the next layer after 10 min at 20oC. Complete drying at 20oC - 2h-8h, at 60oC - 20min-30min. After drying, it is easily polished. Natural and forced drying is allowed.


How to remove scratches on the car?

Buy a touch up


20.12.2017 11:43

Advantages: On time. Just what I wanted. The company is great

Disadvantages: -

Всем советую

Thank you for your feedback. A touch up with lacquer is necessary if you want to achieve the most precise filling of chips and scratches, because even when the coloring pencil matches the color perfectly, the filling will be noticeable from a close distance due to the incorrect refraction of the color at the repainting spot, whereas a touch up with lacquer allows you to avoid this.

20.12.2017 11:42

Advantages: On time. Just what I wanted. Great company.

Disadvantages: -


Thank you for the feedback, we're glad the restoration touch up worked.

12.04.2017 22:25

Пробовал этот карандаш. Нормально закрасил, невооруженным глазом ничего не заметишь, да и вооруженным нужно очень постараться, чтобы отличить слона от мамонта

Restoration touch up with lacquer dries quickly and is applied with neat strokes thanks to the brush. An effective 'first aid' for scratches and chips on cars. The touch up with lacquer provides easy filling of scratches and chips on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

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