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​The American company Rocky Paint became famous due to the fact that in 1972 it established production of various anticorrosive liquid polymer coatings. Since then, the products are in great demand and are used in heavy industry, microelectronics, automotive and even in everyday life. The most demanded among the offered assortment was liquid rubber.


The use of liquid vinyl for painting cars for the first time became in 2008, and since then this coating has been widely used for performing auto-styling. This has contributed to the fact that the company has produced a wide range of polymers, and now anyone can buy rubber paint of the required color and shade. High interest in products is more than justified, because at the moment there are no analogues comparable to it in quality and price. To begin with, liquid rubber can protect any type of surface, so it is applied to concrete, glass, iron, plastic, wood, etc. Also, because the rubber paint for cars has excellent waterproofing properties and protects the surface from physical stress and damage, it is covered not only by the body of the machine, but also by industrial machines and even art objects.


Such wide possibilities of rubber coating were quickly evaluated in various fields of activity, and therefore this product soon became popular all over the world, including ours. And you can buy certified products in our online store. Since 2011 we have been the official distributor of products manufactured under the famous American brand Rocky Paint. 


On our site you can find a full line of products and get exhaustive advice on any issue of interest.


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